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John Ulzheimer

John Ulzheimer, President of The Ulzheimer Group, LLC and Founder of
CreditExpertWitness.com, is a nationally recognized expert on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft. In addition, his expertise includes FCRA, FDCPA, CROA, and credit report and credit score damages. He has been retained as an expert witness/legal consultant in credit related litigation over 450 times and has been qualified and admitted as an expert in Federal and State court.

John is twice FCRA certified by the Consumer Data Industry Association (the trade association of the credit reporting agencies) and has 28+ years of experience in the consumer credit industry including positions with Equifax Information Services, Fair Isaac (the inventor of the FICO® credit scoring system), Credit.com, and years of concurrent work with numerous consumer credit related companies.
John currently is or was the credit blogger for:
John has been published and quoted over 5,000 times in the past 16 years on the topic of consumer credit. He has authored or created numerous educational materials on the subject including:
Ulzheimer has extensive knowledge concerning the credit industry and has great courtroom demeanor. Ulzheimer is highly recommended to any law firm that needs an expert concerning the FCRA, FDCPA, credit reports, credit scores, credit damages, and reasonableness of procedures for credit related disputes and reinvestigations.
Cory Rooney, Owner/Attorney
Law Firm of Cory J. Rooney, PC
John has an incredible understanding of credit reporting, credit scoring and credit bureau practices and standards. If you're looking for an expert in consumer credit John comes highly recommended by my office. His knowledge of credit reporting and payment history patterns helped to identify grossly incorrect opinions proffered by a Defendant's expert witness.
Jeff Badgley, Principal
Badgley Law Group

The Role of an FCRA Expert Witness

Over the past decade the volume of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) lawsuits has increased year over year. FCRA lawsuits almost always involve a consumer Plaintiff suing a credit industry player, with one or more of the credit reporting agencies thrown in as co-defendants. The credit industry player or players are also almost always banks, credit card issuers, credit reporting agencies, and debt collectors. And in many of those FCRA lawsuits the Plaintiff, Defendant or both engage the services of an FCRA expert witness.

FCRA lawsuits, at least the ones with which I’ve been involved, generally include an allegation of incorrect credit reporting, credit report and credit score damages, impermissible access of credit reports, or the failure to maintain reasonable procedures to ensure the maximum possible accuracy of credit reports. It’s not uncommon for Plaintiff’s FCRA experts to opine that a “furnisher” of information to a credit bureau 1) reported incorrect information and 2) failed to perform a reasonable investigation when the item was disputed and 3) because of the failure to perform a reasonable investigation the Plaintiff was damaged.

There are two types of FCRA expert witnesses:

There are those who have researched the industry from the outside, the academic. And, there are those who have spent significant time functioning within the credit environment.

John is twice FCRA certified by the credit industry’s trade association and has worked at Equifax, FICO, Credit.com and numerous other credit related entities. John has managed the credit report dispute and has worked extensively with lenders on how to implement credit reports and credit scores into their underwriting processes. Finally, John is fluent in the Metro 2 credit reporting language and standards.

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