Looking for an FCRA Expert Witness?

The pace of FCRA lawsuits in 2012 leads me to believe the total for the year will exceed 2011 filings by double digit percentage.  And while many of these cases will never see the inside of a courtroom there will be an increased demand for FCRA expert witnesses for both plaintiffs and defendants.

“The best FCRA expert witnesses have to be able to provide valuable testimony about the impact to credit reports and credit scores due to data furnisher inaccuracies.  They also must be able to determine whether or not procedures of lenders, credit bureaus, and collection agencies were reasonable and ensured the maximum possible accuracy of credit files.” John Ulzheimer, Founder FCRAExpertWitness.com.  “It’s also a must that they are FCRA certified by the CDIA.”

Ulzheimer has over 20 years of credit industry experience, not credit industry research like many other credit expert witnesses.  He has testified in both Federal and state courts and has been deposed too many times to count.  And, he has worked for credit industry giants FICO and Equifax.  Since 2007 John has been published and quoted over 1,000 times on the topic of consumer credit. He has been an expert in over 100 cases.

Ulzheimer has built credit scores, can quantify credit damages, has reviewed millions of credit reports, and understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act (twice FCRA certified by the Consumer Data Industry Association).  He can also ensure that runaway Plaintiff’s expert witnesses are kept in check and not allowed to make egregious claims of credit score damage, credit damages, and credit report damages.

Consumers, credit bureaus, collection agencies, insurance companies, debt buyers, law firms and lenders have all retained John as his expert.

Feel free to contact me today to discuss your credit expert witness needs.